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What mens suits are in style?

Style is something that never stands still. Suits do out of style whether you realize it or not. You may be asking what mens suits are in style right now. I can tell you that you want a stylish suit for men with a slightly more tailored appearance. If you watch any TV show or movie that came out in the nineties, you will notice how awful those suits look. They were big, baggy and shapeless with padded shoulders. That is the opposite of what you want to be seen wearing now. You want the jacket to fit you like it was made for you. The lapels should be of a medium width. Not too narrow and not too wide either. If the lapels have notches, they should sit higher up for a proper look.

The suit pants that come with the suit should be flat front style and also fit properly. Pleats seem to be out of favor these days, so unless you are older gentleman, I would suggest steering clear of them. Flat front is the way to go for that tailored fit. The fabric is something that needs to be addressed too. Suits are not just solid colors, they come in different patterns too. If you want to get something that has a different color, plaid and windowpane plaid seems to be very popular for men who favor a little flavor. Plaids can be either subtle or bold, the choice is yours. Just by following these guidelines will ensure that you are in style when you wear a suit.