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Suit Size Chart


Secret Suit Size Chart. If you haven't worn a suit in a long time or are buying a suit for the very first time, you need to know your size. For your very best shopping experience, you should get yourself measured for chest size and waist size. All you need is a friend and a cloth tape measure for figuring out what size suit you need. All suits for men go by the chest size. Have your friend measure you around your chest and back with your arms down. You want the tape measure to wrap just below your armpits. That will determine your suit jacket size.

Next step is to measure your waist size. When choosing your new suit, you should always choose your chest size only. Suit pants are made to be either taking in or let out in the waist usually up to two inches. It is far cheaper to fix the waist size on the pants then getting the jacket size fixed. Find your new suit for men here.