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What is a Tuxedo?

A tuxedo is basically a suit for men that is usually black but can be either white or off-white. What sets it apart from an ordinary suit is that it has satin lapels, covered buttons, and satin stripe trim going down the leg of the pants. They come in a number of styles from your single breasted models with either 1,2, or 3 button jackets. Tuxedos can be had in double breasted models as well as a shawl collar jacket which has a rounded lapel style without notch or peaks on it.

The tuxedo originated in England as the Dinner Jacket for men and the name tuxedo originates from the Tuxedo Park Club of New York in the 1880s originally worn by the English Prince of Wales when he instructed one of his dinner guests to wear a dinner jacket from Henry Poole & Co of London. When the Prince of Wales wore the dinner jacket it became a huge hit at the Tuxedo Park Club and everyone started wearing them for dinner. Even though it was specifically a dinner jacket, the name Tuxedo stuck. Back in those days, there were very strict rules on how the proper gentleman dressed for dinner. You didn't get into a posh club if you were dressed incorrectly so it was important that if the invitation said Black Tie, you were wearing a Tuxedo and that was that.