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What are mens suit sizes?

Many men go for years without knowing what are mens suit sizes. Suits are one of the few types of men's clothing that come in a size that is exclusive to themselves. When we talk about suit sizes for men's clothing, we are referring to "Off the Rack" type suits. These are mass produced men's suits that you can just buy either online or in a store.

Men's suit sizes will come for example as a "42 Regular". The "42" refers to the suit jacket chest size which means the circumference around the chest and back of the man. The "regular" specifies whether the suit jacket sleeves and body are regular length. Suits can come in also Longs for taller men, Extra-Long for even taller men over 6'5" and Shorts for shorter men. The jacket size is always the most important size to fit because it is always cheaper to alter the waist on the pants that come with the suit.