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Sophisticated Elegance: Double-Breasted Suits for Men's Wardrobe

While single-breasted suits tend to populate most wardrobes and department store racks these days, the double-breasted suit remains a classic. Let's look deeper into the appeal of this iconic men's garment and explore why double-breasted suits for men deserve a proud place in any fashion-forward man's closet.

The history of double-breasted suits: How it began and evolved

The double-breasted suit made its first appearance in the late 19th century, inspired by naval officer jackets. It quickly became a staple for British aristocrats who would wear it over casual clothes for outdoor activities and sporting events. Hollywood picked up on the trend in the 1930s, with stars like Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant adopting double-breasted suits for men and turning them into a symbol of formal elegance.

During and after World War II, the style fell out of favor due to textile shortages and government rationing. With a greater amount of fabric needed for its overlapping flaps, the double-breasted suit became a luxury that few could afford. By the 1950s, single-breasted suits and casual wear had filled the gap.

Then came the 1980s and its flair for excess. Double-breasted suits for men made a comeback but in a louder, bolder form. The '80s versions embraced a more audacious aesthetic, often featuring bolder colors and larger proportions. While this revival made the double-breasted suit popular again, many style purists believed that this flashy reinterpretation undermined the timeless elegance that had traditionally been associated with this type of men's attire.

Fast forward to today, and technological advancements in fabric and design have allowed the double-breasted suit to reclaim its status as a symbol of sophistication. The modern versions are slimmer and lighter and have recaptured the timeless elegance that was once the hallmark of men’s suits double-breasted, making them an impeccable choice for today's discerning gentleman.

How are men’s suits double-breasted constructed?

A double-breasted suit features several rows of paired buttons, and these are often described using a numeric system to help shoppers understand what they're purchasing.

The 6x2 or "6 on 2" style is the most common and most classic type. In this description, the first number (six) tells you how many buttons are displayed on the front of the jacket. The second number (two) indicates the number of these buttons that can actually be fastened. The remaining buttons serve as decorative elements, but they also contribute to the overall look of the suit, depending on your preference for the total number of buttons.

While having six buttons is the conventional standard, some people opt for designs with two, four, or sometimes even eight buttons, although the latter is less common.

If you're looking for a twist on the classic double-breasted suit style, consider the "6 on 1" variation, which enjoys popularity in Italy. This version has a slightly lower buttoning point compared to the traditional 6x2 design, creating an illusion of a more streamlined silhouette. This can be especially beneficial for shorter men, as the style gives the impression of added height.

How should a double-breasted suit fit?

Getting the fit right is essential for any suit, but even more so for double-breasted suits for men. The jacket should button comfortably around the waist without gaps. The lapels should lie flat against your shirt collar. While traditionally more flattering on taller and slimmer men, the button placement can be adjusted to suit men of different sizes.

Because of the additional fabric and layering, a tailored fit is usually recommended. Off-the-rack options might be hard to come by, given their relative scarcity compared to single-breasted suits, but this is slowly changing.

How do you wear a double-breasted suit?

Wearing double-breasted suits offers a stylish edge, particularly during the colder months when the added layer of fabric provides extra warmth. But don't rule them out for summertime. Lightweight materials like cotton or linen blends keep you cool while maintaining the suit's distinctive look.

Donning a double-breasted suit lends an air of authority and formal flair. This impact is even more noticeable nowadays, given that this style is not widely sold in big retail outlets and is often seen as a more traditional choice. But with contemporary tailoring, wearing a double-breasted suit ensures you'll stand out for all the right reasons.

While the double-breasted suit exudes formality, there are ways to dial it down. Though traditional wisdom dictates that the suit should remain buttoned to maintain its structured look, feel free to bend the rules. If you're feeling the heat or simply want a more laid-back vibe, go ahead and unbutton it. Whether you're casually putting your hands in your pockets or sitting down for a casual meal, unbuttoning can be both functional and stylish. So go ahead, ignore the fashion purists, and wear your double-breasted suit in a way that makes you comfortable and confident. No one is judging!

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