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Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day: Top Places to Buy Men's Wedding Suits

While the bride often takes center stage, your wedding day is just as much about you — the groom. You don’t have to be a wallflower in a rental tuxedo. Picking out the perfect suit should be a priority because, trust us, all eyes will be on you, too!

Your bride might get most of the attention, but don't you want to look your absolute best standing beside her? Together, you'll create a picture-perfect image that reflects your love and style as a couple.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the suit options? Don't worry. We'll guide you through the process and help you find the ideal modern men's wedding suit — one that makes you feel confident and ready to start your happily ever after!

  1. Know what you're shopping for

  • Before heading out to buy wedding suits, get familiar with the different kinds of suits available. Getting to know the usual terminologies related to suits — words like lapels, single-breasted double-breasted, and fit. Speaking the language can help you narrow down your options.
  • Being specific about what kind of suit you're looking for when you discuss it with shop attendants or your stylist can make the process of finding your perfect suit so much easier.
  • Choosing a suit that complements your body type will boost your confidence on your big day. You also have to consider your personal style and the overall theme of the wedding.
  • Go for a three-piece suit if you're aiming for a coordinated look that includes a jacket, trousers, and a waistcoat.
  • It’s safe to choose a solid color and avoid complicated patterns like plaids or stripes for such occasions. However, a pinstripe suit can be a fashionable choice if you're inclined towards patterns.

Select classic shades like navy blue, light grey, deep brown, or white. The Stacy Adams Men's 3 Piece White Suit with vest SM282H is a favorite among many. This ensemble features a traditional jacket with a notch lapel and a simple two-button closure. The waistcoat introduces an additional element of elegance, whereas the trousers with a flat front and trim legs offer a refined appearance.

The conventional tuxedo is another great choice. Suit Secret Men's Pure White Tuxedo 2 Piece Outfit T-2PP includes a two-button jacket in a standard fit along with matching trousers. The jacket sports classic lapels and in true tuxedo style, boasts shiny lapels and satin-covered buttons. You might also consider different shades such as ivory, grey, black, or sandy beige.

For a timeless appearance, you might want to consider double-breasted suits for your wedding. Our beige plaid double-breasted suit, model number 1940s DRW-2, is particularly popular for such occasions. It showcases a six-button jacket with sharp peak lapels for a distinctive appearance. The jacket also features rear vents for added mobility. The straight-leg trousers provide a comfortable fit around the waist, and the suit’s material offers both durability and easy maintenance.

For grooms seeking a more modern silhouette, our slim fit suit with vest white 3 piece Tazio M154S-08 stands out. The all-white color scheme, accented with subtle blue details, offers a fresh and stylish take on traditional wedding attire.

Knowing exactly what you want is the first step in finding a men's attire store that stocks the specific style of suit you desire.

  1. Pick a store with everything you need

Next, pick a store that has a big selection. A one-stop-shop that has all the accessories to complete your look will make shopping easier. You might need a fedora hat, slim-fit shirts, coats, or shoes. Instead of spending a lot of time and energy finding these items separately, why not just purchase them from the same place where you buy your suit? You'll have to make fewer trips out and save money, too.

  1. Choose the right fabric and fit

The type of material your wedding suit is made of is key for staying comfortable all day.

  • If your wedding is in a hot season, go for lighter materials like linen or soft cotton that keep you cool.
  • For colder weather weddings, thick fabrics like wool or velvet are better.

When you try on suits, see how the material feels on your skin and think about the weather at your wedding place.

The way a suit fits you is also very important. If you prefer a tight and modern look, go for a slim-fit suit. But if you like having more room and a more comfortable fit, choose a regular-fit suit.

When you're shopping for modern men's suits for weddings, try on different sizes and styles. Look closely at how the suit shapes your body and how it moves when you move. Don't hurry when trying on suits. It's a good idea to visit the store when you have enough time to carefully pick what suits you best.

  1. Do your research

The internet is a great spot for suit ideas. Look up online shops and see what they've got. Reading what buyers say about them and looking at their ratings can also point you in the right direction. This could help you figure out which brands or shops are good.

Also, don’t be shy to look at wedding pictures online for some suit inspiration. Take note of what the guys are wearing, and save any looks or colors that catch your eye. You can also call the shop and gauge how their customer service is. The way they answer your questions can give you an idea of the store's professionalism.

Buy wedding suits at Suit Secret

If you are currently looking for modern men's suits for weddings, Suit Secret might just have what you are looking for. Our team is ready to help answer any queries you might have. With over three decades in the industry, our knowledge about suits is extensive.

We ensure top quality by crafting our suits in advanced factories that also produce high-end brands, but ours come at a more affordable price. Every suit is made with precision using modern technology — from the machines that cut the fabric to those that stitch pockets or waistbands — so that every detail is perfect.

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